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The Modeler's Journal
Volume 3 [April - June 2020]


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[Copyright 2018 - 2020 JD (Loggin' Locos)
and The Modeler's Journal]


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The Modeler's Journal - April - June 2020.pdf


This issue of The Modeler’s Journal is dedicated to all the modelers who live by the phrase “For the Love of the Hobby” which is well-encapsulated in Brian Messenger’s pictorial essay.  In his essay, Brian showcases his freelanced two-level HOn3 (three-foot narrow gauge) layout which includes a logging scene on the top level and a detailed waterfront scene on the lower level.  There is a lot going on during the day and the nighttime at the Red Hook Wharf, Pelican Bay, and the logging camp and sawmill at Cascade Creek.

Also, we are excited to announce a new column starting with this issue, entitled “The Modeler’s Workshop with Dazzy Jay.”  Darren Johns (aka Dazzy Jay) starts off his column’s first installment titled “Paying it Forward” with a discussion about how he was mentored and why he believes that we all must do our part in sharing our skills and passing them along to the next generation of modelers.  We could not agree more and look forward to Darren’s upcoming articles.  Be sure to check out his outstanding interviews and other modeling-related video content on his website Model Railroad Techniques.

Bill Beranek - The Track Planner gives us his perspective on the differences between just railfanning and operating a model railroad like a real railroad in his article “Railfanning vs. Operating.”  He makes some very persuasive arguments as to why operations-based layouts make you an operator rather than a mere spectator of your layout.

Harry M. Haythorn tells the story and the history behind Union Pacific’s 800 class 4-8-4s in his article “Kings of the Overland Route.”  Jack Hykaway’s article “Canada’s Icon: Canadian Pacific’s Royal Hudsons” dovetails with Harry’s article as he takes us up north and tells the story of how the Canadian Pacific Railroad acquired and used the Hudson locomotives and their iconic rule over the Canadian rails.  Both stores will take you back into the history of the North American railroad frontier.

Starting with the next issue, Bill Beranek will be writing an additional article series entitled “The Anatomy of a Model Railroad” in which he will document from start to finish, in a pictorial essay format, the design, benchwork, trackwork, wiring, control, facia, backdrop, and scenery of a unique N-scale point-to-point operations-based layout.  Find out more about it on page 30.  This will be an outstanding series for model railroaders of any skill level.

We hope you enjoy this issue.  Happy modeling!


JD (Loggin' Locos)
The Modeler's Journal

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