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The Modeler's Journal
Volume 4

[March 2021 - June 2021]


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The Modeler's Journal
March 2021 - June 2021

In this issue of The Modeler’s Journal, we feature the detailed modeling work of David Kopielski.  In his pictorial essay, David shares his love and passion for building highly-detailed models of ships and planes and shares photos of some scratch-built sections, fiber-optic and LED-based lighting, and custom decals he uses in the construction of his models.  You can check out all of his modeling work on his blog website, David's Scale Models (you can find the link in the article).

In his article “Setting Realistic Goals,” Bill Beranek discusses the need for planning and setting realistic and achievable goals.  He advises on the importance of setting standards for selecting era vs. space, selecting industries, double-track mainlines, train lengths, and warns that by ignoring standards, modelers are setting themselves up for failure.  Some very sage advice!

In part two of his essay on computer and remote-assisted model railroading operations, Darren Johns (aka Dazzy Jay) details his use of the TrainController™ software along with the use of Wi-Fi and CCTV cameras to accomplish virtual operations on his model railroad.  Find out the details of how Darren set up his virtual train operations to allow guest operators to remotely operate trains on his layout.

In his pictorial essay, Lloyd Henchy shows how he scratch-built and kit-bashed together a beautiful winter scene diorama for his HO scale layout.

Harry M. Haythorn takes us on a mini vacation with his family to the Atchison Rail Museum in Atchison, Kansas.  He shares a bit of the museum’s history and photos of the many pieces of equipment and displays there.

In part three of the multi-part series entitled The Anatomy of a Model Railroad, Bill Beranek describes, through pictures and commentary, the wiring standards (such as gauge and color coding), terminal blocks, and the use of well-thought-out command centers his client Jim Kalenowski utilized to simplify the powering of his large N scale layout.  Be sure to check out the clean and meticulous work Jim has done.

They say that all good things must come to an end, and so must the eloquently written and engaging column Jack’s Junction.  Since its inception in 2015 (when Jack was just 14 years of age), Jack’s Junction has had a great run, entertaining readers with the history, stories, and photographs of many different types of prototype engines from around the world.  But, it is now time for The Modeler’s Journal to shift gears and focus on other topics related to the modeling hobby.  Don’t worry - Jack is not leaving us.  He will continue to serve as a Senior Content Editor and help develop new content for this publication.

In his final installment of Jack’s Junction, aptly entitled “Looking Forward to the Future,” Jack Hykaway discusses how Canadian Pacific and BNSF are experimenting with and pioneering the use of hydrogen fuel cells and battery-electric technology as alternative fuel sources to power their trains.  Their goal is to not only reduce emissions but also become more sustainable and fully carbon-neutral.

We hope you enjoy this issue.  Happy modeling!

JD (Loggin' Locos)
The Modeler's Journal

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