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The Modeler's Journal - Nov 2020 -  Feb 2021

The Modeler's Journal
Volume 3

[November 2020 - February 2021]


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The Modeler's Journal 
November 2020 - February 2021


In this issue of The Modeler’s Journal, we explore wargaming and feature the modeling work of the very talented Jordan Ciccarelli.  Jordan is a graphic designer who dabbles in tabletop wargaming such as Warhammer 40K.  He enjoys the model-making, painting, and weathering of gaming figures and terrain more than the gaming itself – a true modeler.  In his article “Wargaming - It All Comes Down to Weathering,” Jordan writes about how he got involved with modeling and his experience with and passion for weathering his game pieces.  For him, weathering is a tool that allows him to tell a story and portray a scene frozen in time.  Be sure to read this delightful story by Jordan Ciccarelli.

In his article “Measure Your Layout Room – Twice!” Bill Beranek walks us through some common mistakes modelers make when measuring a room or space for their layouts.  He reminds us that precision is important when it comes to measurements and provides guidance on taking more accurate measurements, including with the use of a laser measuring tool.

With this issue, Darren Johns (aka Dazzy Jay) begins a two-part essay on computer and remote-assisted model railroading operations.  In part one he discusses the use of the TrainController™ software to accomplish the computer-aided control and automation of a model railroad.  Find out how you too can automate your train operations. 

Harry M. Haythorn, in his article “Modeling UP 844’s First Excursion Build,” tells us how the first excursion of the UP 844 started and how you can model the cars of this train on your layout.

Follow Bill Beranek as he takes you on a journey, from start to finish, of a unique N-scale point-to-point operations-based layout that is being built by his client Jim Kalenowski.  In part two of this multi-part series entitled “The Anatomy of a Model Railroad,” Bill describes, through pictures and commentary, the techniques Jim used to construct his benchwork and lay down the tracks.

And finally, read about how the Canadian Pacific railroad is celebrating its past by reviving its former identity banners and the famous beaver crest by proudly displaying them on its fleet of engines in Jack Hykaway’s article “The Past, Moving Along In The Future.”  It’s always fun to see the nostalgia of the past revived.

We hope you enjoy this issue.  Happy modeling!


JD (Loggin' Locos)
The Modeler's Journal

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