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The Modeler's Journal - October - Decemb

The Modeler's Journal
Volume 2 [October - December 2019]


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The Modeler's Journal - October - December 2019.pdf


In this fall issue of The Modeler’s Journal, we feature the amazing work of Lloyd Henchey and his custom-built Hawkesbury Train Station.  Lloyd has leveraged his background in civil engineering to scratch-build this beautiful station and you can find exactly how he built it in our feature piece simply entitled “Hawkesbury Station.”
The Track Planner (Bill Beranek), discusses the use of CAD software versus the use of pencil and paper for designing model railroad layout plans.  He outlines some popular track planning software and provides helpful tips to keep in mind when using any of them.  He also reminds us that it is not the software, but also the knowledge of how actual railroads work and experience that matter in properly conceptualizing and designing a fully operational layout.
In his column “UP-Hub,” Harry M. Haythorn continues his UP car build series and shows us how he scratch-built Idaho - another one of Union Pacific’s theater inspection cars.  If you read his last article on UP’s Theater Car 420 Fox River, then you will surely want to read this one.
And finally, in his column “Jack’s Junction,” Jack Hykaway provides some tips and the lessons he has learned about capturing amazing photographs of trains, even in the most mundane of venues with little photographic appeal such as the open prairies of Manitoba, Canada.  Follow Jack’s tips and enjoy photographing trains in your backyard, wherever that may be.
Happy holidays and happy modeling!


JD (Loggin' Locos)
The Modeler's Journal

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