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The Modeler's Journal - Cover - January

The Modeler's Journal
Volume 2 [January - March 2019]


SKU: V2-01-17-2019

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The Modeler's Journal - January - March 2019.pdf


Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue for 2019 of The Modeler’s Journal.


In this issue’s Modeler Showcase section, we feature the amazing work of Jason Jensen, who is an incredibly talented and accomplished artist. Jason has applied his artistry and skill in building incredible “kit-bashed” structures and has assembled them to form a city we have fondly named “Jensenville.” 

Ron Marsh discusses the versatility of foam and several ways modelers can easily use this material in their everyday modeling.

The Track Planner explores the areas you need to consider when thinking about moving your layout versus starting over.  He presents his reasoning, as well as his personal experiences, as to why he believes starting over is a better option than moving your layout to your new location.

Harry Haythorn provides background on the Pullman World War II-era troop sleeper and kitchen cars and how you can model troop trains on your layout in this installment of his UP-Hub column. 

Jack Hykaway, in his column Jack’s Junction, explores the Sperry Rail Services’ track fault detection and maintenance vehicles and their use of induction, ultrasonic, and surface condition monitoring technologies to identify and repair faulty track.

Blayne Mayfield explores why many modelers tend to apply extreme weathering to their models when trying to recreate the real world, given his observation that not everything in real life is weathered at the same rate.  He definitely makes a compelling argument.

We hope you enjoy this issue.


Happy modeling!



JD (Loggin' Locos)
The Modeler's Journal

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