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The Modeler's Journal
Volume 1 [October - December 2018]


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The Modeler's Journal - October - December 2018.pdf

Summer has gone by quite fast this year!  Now, with daylight getting shorter and a cold nip in the air, it is time for modelers of all types to begin their hibernation cycles (I mean model-building), and head down to their basement, workshop, or kitchen table, spending hours at a time working on their dioramas, miniatures, or models.  It is also time to start reading this issue of The Modeler’s Journal.

In this issue, we feature the work of Jocelyn Bullen, who has recently discovered not only the trials and tribulations of building a model kit, but also the joy and pride that comes from finishing one.

We also continue with Part II of “Today’s Heavy Haulers” in Jack’s Junction, which focuses on GE’s Evolution series of locomotives.
Geno Sharp discusses building boxcar doors in O scale and Ron Marsh discusses the role trees play in a modeling scene in his article entitled “The Truth about Trees.”

Harry Haythorn continues with his car build series and describes how he scratch-built the UP Power Car #2066 in another installment of his UP-Hub column. 

The Track Planner discusses various approaches to train operations and developing an operating plan.  He also shares his thoughts on prototypical operating sessions and how he incorporates the use of sequential train orders lists, car cards, and waybills in his article “Operations-Oriented Track Planning.”

Blayne Mayfield reminds us in his article “Modeling Silos” how we modelers can get highly focused and “silo” ourselves within our branch or discipline of modeling, and that we should go to “the other side of the fence” and explore other branches of modeling that can offer many creative ideas applicable in our modeling work.

Our next issue will be released at the beginning of January 2019.  


Until then, happy holidays and happy modeling!



JD (Loggin' Locos)
The Modeler's Journal

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