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The Modeler's Journal
Volume 1 [July - September 2018]


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The Modeler's Journal - July - September 2018.pdf

Welcome to the second issue of The Modeler’s Journal.  In this issue, our main feature is a pictorial essay about the amazing dioramas of European castles and cathedrals created by the very talented modeler Yuri Kovalev from Moscow, Russia.  We think you will enjoy this departure into his unique modeling work.


Starting with this issue we have added another column: Geno’s Corner.  Many of you in the modeling community and those of you who had subscribed to our legacy publication are quite familiar with Geno’s work and his column.  Please welcome Geno to The Modeler’s Journal.  He begins his series with an article about building a structure using a small shipping box and some foam board.  Bill Baranek - The Track Planner provides an in-depth discussion about working with a professional track planner.  It is an excellent article to read even if you are not contemplating a professionally designed track plan because Bill gives some excellent advise about pre-planning a layout and walks the reader through mistakes often made by not only newbies but sometimes also by experienced modelers.


Ron Marsh shows us how to create and use your own Ground Goop to build your modeling base and Harry Haythorn tells us about some history of the UP #5174, the Lynn Nystrom car and shows us how he built his version of it in his column Harry’s UP-Hub.


Jack Hykaway gives us a breakdown of EMD’s SD-70 series of engines in Part I of his series Today’s Heavy Haulers.  In the next issue, Jack will provide us a breakdown of EMD’s competition engine, so be sure to read his current Part I article and to follow up for Part II of his article in his column Jack’s Junction.  Finally, Blayne Mayfield explores the pecking order of structures and structure building in his article Paper or Plastic? (or Wood?).  I have heard the phrase “Paper or plastic?” but wood?  Well, you will just have to read the article to find out exactly what Blayne is talking about!


We hope you enjoy reading this issue.


Happy Modeling!


JD (Loggin' Locos)
The Modeler's Journal

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